2017/18 Update:  The Institute is in contact with successful applicants and confirming their eligibility.  Once we have confirmation letters from them all, we’ll announce that this round of funding is over.

In accordance with the deed of trust made by the benefactor Mr. Jens Jacobsen, The Royal Institute of Philosophy is pleased to offer for the academic year 2017 – 2018 up to eight Jacobsen Studentships for research in certain fundamental parts of philosophy. The studentships, of £8,000 each, will be for one year. The parts of philosophy are: speculative metaphysics, critical metaphysics, the philosophy of mind, epistemology, philosophical logic, philosophy of life, determinism, the nature of life, evolution, moral philosophy, political and social philosophy. This list is in accordance with the philosophical interests of Mr. Jacobsen.

In addition, postgraduates are offered up to eight Royal Institute of Philosophy Bursaries. The bursaries, of £3,000 each, are also for one year but carry no restrictions as to area of study. The Royal Institute of Philosophy, in accord with its own remit, seeks candidates whose work, while rigorous, avoids needless technicality and is in the tradition of philosophy as a humane discipline.

Please note that the following conditions apply to these awards:

1. Applicants must have already completed at least one year of work for a higher degree in philosophy in a UK university by the start of the 2017 – 2018 academic year. Preference is often given to applicants nearing the end of a course of study leading to a doctorate.

2. Applicants must be engaged in full-time study for a higher degree in a department of philosophy at a UK institution during 2017 – 2018.

3, No one who is in receipt of any other award for the academic year 2017 – 2018 of £3,000 or more will be offered funding by the Royal Institute. This includes fees only awards. In view of this restriction and the operation of other funding bodies, we are unable to make decisions until September 2017.

Candidates must arrange for two academic referees, at least one from the institution at which they are currently studying, to write on their behalf direct to The Royal Institute of Philosophy — letters should be sent by post and not be stapled or printed double sided. Applications and references should be sent to Dr. James Garvey, The Royal Institute of Philosophy, 14 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0AR, to arrive no later than 16 June 2017. Please do not staple your application or print it double-sided.

We are unable to acknowledge applications, but if you include a stamped, addressed postcard, we’ll return it to you on receipt. We regret that we are also able to inform only successful applicants – once we have made the awards, we will make an announcement on our website.

The application form is here.