Local Partners Programme

The Royal Institute offers grants of up to £1,500 per year for UK philosophy departments, philosophy clubs and other organisations to organise programmes and events in a variety of formats, aimed primarily at the general public.

Applications are now closed.

Grant applications for up to 3 years funding are now invited.

For the purposes of this funding, each grant funded period will run from 1 August until 30 June annually.

Applications should be submitted to the Royal Institute of Philosophy (TRIP) up to and including the deadline date of midnight on Sunday 14th April 2024.  Submissions after this date will not be accepted.

Using the grant application form, applicants are expected to explain the theme(s), structure, size and location of their proposed programme, and how they believe they will be able to successfully attract a public audience. We are open to innovative suggestions.

Applicants should consider these questions in their proposals:

  • What will be the mix of event formats? Talks are acceptable but there should be a mix, with emphasis on audience participation, for example, debates, ‘in conversation’ sessions, and panel discussions.
  • Where will the events be held? Ideally the venue would be a community partner with a public profile, such as an arts space, public library, theatre, cinema, museum, comedy club or music venue. Hosting an event on campus is not ruled out, but don’t forget campuses can be intimidating to non-academics so you will have to make a case as to why you believe you can attract people to you.
  • How many people are you hoping to attract?
  • Will you charge? We encourage charging for tickets, as completely free events tend to result in a lot of no-shows. But fees should be low and there must be an option for self-certifying free places for people unable to pay.
  • Will you fully programme the event, issue a call for proposals, or a mixture of the two?
  • Who, if anyone, has agreed in principle to take part?

Applicants must take note of our terms and conditions of sponsorship.