Book Prize Shortlist Announced

TRIP is delighted to announce the shortlist to the 2023 Nayef Al-Rodhan Book Prize in Transdisciplinary Philosophy.

The Royal Institute of Philosophy (TRIP) today announced the shortlist of the Nayef Al-Rodhan International Book Prize in Transdisciplinary Philosophy. 

Chair of the judging panel, Professor Constantine Sandis, Director of Lex Academic and Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire, said:

“The shortlisted books exemplify excellence, showcasing remarkable originality and seamlessly integrating transdisciplinary research to provide an accessible and engaging contribution to the understanding of human thought and action. The books significantly advance our understanding of a range of diverse subjects, making them essential reading for anyone seeking intellectual enrichment.”

The new £20,000 Prize was established in 2023 to annually reward the most original philosophical research that transcends academic disciplines. More information about the Prize can be found here.

The shortlisted publications are as follows:

  •       Shahzad Bashir, A New Vision for Islamic Pasts and Futures
  •       Nancy J. Nersessian, Interdisciplinarity in the Making: Models and Methods in Frontier Science
  •       Carlo Rovelli, Helgoland: The Strange and Beautiful Story of Quantum Physics (Translated by Erica Segre and Simon Carnell)
  •       David Livingstone Smith, Making Monsters: The Uncanny Power of Dehumanization
  •       Amia Srinivasan, The Right to Sex

Professor Lucy O’Brien, Chair of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, said: 

“The short list shows just how wide ranging, and vital, work in philosophy that does not confine itself to traditional boundaries is. It is a pleasure to see such rich and important books drawn to our attention thanks to the initiative of Nayef Al-Rodhan, and the careful, and extensive, work of the committee, chaired by Constantine Sandis.”