Funding for school events

We sponsor conferences for teachers and students of philosophy in UK schools and sixth form colleges, as well as other events run by departments of philosophy for schools.

The Royal Institute can offer up to £5,000 for a fully residential event lasting up to three days.

However, we recognise that for both teachers and students in schools and colleges shorter events might be more appropriate and easier to arrange.  For shorter events, we will be prepared to offer smaller amounts sufficient to cover travel expenses of speakers, hire of rooms, publicity materials, and other administrative costs on receipt of relevant costings.  Food, travel and accommodation expenses may also be provided.

We’re aware that the coronavirus may affect how and even whether these events go ahead, and proposals should include the organiser’s best view of contingency plans (maybe online events, live streaming or other kinds of remote engagement are possible), as well as the relevant cancellation policies associated with booking spaces and making travel arrangements. We entirely understand that all this might just be good guessing.

Please fill in the application to the left, and also please note the conditions on sponsorship Proposals should be sent to the Managing Director.

Please note that this programme is currently closed and will re-open later in 2023. This page will be updated when the application process is opened. 

If you have any inquiries, or want to find out more, please email