Nayef Al-Rodhan Book Prize

The Nayef Al-Rodhan International Book Prize in Transdisciplinary Philosophy shall annually reward the most original philosophical research that transcends academic disciplines.

The 2024 Nayef Al-Rodhan International Book Prize will shortly be opening.

Submissions for 2023 are now closed.

The Royal Institute of Philosophy is pleased to announce the Nayef Al-Rodhan International Book Prize in Transdisciplinary Philosophy.

This new £20,000 Prize will annually reward the most original philosophical research that transcends academic disciplines.

“The Royal Institute of Philosophy is devoted to enabling philosophical thinking. We empower the curious of every age and background to think more deeply about fundamental questions and we are delighted to deliver this book prize to encourage a better understanding of our world,” says Professor Lucy O’Brien, Chair of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

The 2023 Nayef Al-Rodhan International Book Prize in Transdisciplinary Philosophy is the first of its kind in the UK and will bring together books that:

  • demonstrate rigorous original and high-quality transdisciplinary research
  • are accessible and engaging to read
  • are original, innovative, and impactful
  • intend to advance and contribute to the understanding of human behaviours.

Submissions are welcome from publishers anywhere in the world. The books must be available in English, and have been published no earlier than 2020. The closing date for submissions is 30th April 2023.

We welcome philosophical work that transcends academic boundaries, and furthers our understanding of the key challenges facing the world today, and that may face us in the future. The work may be from philosophers, neuroscientists, social scientists, or from other disciplines.

Among other work we welcome submissions from those researching disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and from those concerned with frontier risks like: Climate Change, Synthetic Biology, Super-intelligence, Brain-computer Interface, Outer Space, and the future of Domestic and Global Governance. 

The Prize submissions will be assessed for academic merit and rigour by a panel of highly respected academics and practitioners reflecting the transdisciplinary nature of the prize.

To nominate a book for the 2023 Nayef Al-Rodhan Book Prize, please complete this form and provide one electronic PDF version of the book that should be emailed to


Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan

Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan FRSA is a philosopher, neuroscientist, and geostrategist who has written 25 books and more than 300 articles. He was educated at the Mayo Clinic, Yale University, and Harvard University. Professor Al-Rodhan is an Honorary Fellow of St Antony’s College, University of Oxford and Head of the Geopolitics & Global Futures Program at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. His research focuses on transdisciplinarity, neuro-techno-philosophy, and the future of philosophy, with a particular emphasis on the interplay between philosophy, neuroscience, strategic culture, applied history, geopolitics, disruptive technologies, and international relations, and global security. His books and articles may be found at

  • Rules of entry

    1. Books to be entered must have been first published after 1st January 2020 and must be currently available for sale.

    2. All books to be entered must be available in English.

    3. Unless published only as an e-book, copies of the work must be readily available in the UK.

    4. Publishers only are invited to submit books for entry into the prize. Individual submissions cannot be considered.

    5. Authors can be of any nationality and based anywhere in the world and must be living at the time of submission.

    6. PDF’s should be submitted to the Royal Institute of Philosophy (TRIP) up to and including the deadline date of midnight on Sunday 30th April 2023. Submissions after this date will not be accepted.

    7. E-Books or PDF submissions are accepted on the condition that the publisher is prepared to send seven bound print copies to TRIP if requested.

    8. As part of the submission process a summary of the book and the author explaining why the work should be considered can be uploaded.

    9. Judges reserve the right to call in books that have not been put forward.

    10. The administration team and the judges have the final decision as to whether a book is eligible. No correspondence will be entered into.

    11. Should the work be accepted to the shortlist, reference should be made to this on the book cover using TRIP branding. The submitting publisher should bring this requirement to the attention of the literary agent.

    12. Should the work be accepted to the shortlist, the author is expected to make every effort to attend the prize ceremony in person. This will be held in October 2023 in London.

    13. The publisher accepts by submitting a work to abide by the rules of the prize.

    14. General enquiries about the prize should be sent to

    15. Press enquiries should be sent to