Volunteering Opportunities

Welcome to the Royal Institute of Philosophy (TRIP).  We are devoted to creating, sharing and enabling philosophical thinking for public benefit. We empower the curious of every age and background to think more deeply about fundamental questions. We encourage a better understanding of our world and our place in it, for personal good and for the good of the society we live in.

With just a small team here at the Institute, we welcome applications from anyone who has some time to give to support our work. Whether you are looking to increase your knowledge and learning, or able to offer the Institute your knowledge and experience then please get in touch by emailing support@royalinstitutephilosophy.org.

We are always happy to speak to individuals who may wish to volunteer some of their time to support our work. It’s important to us that the volunteering opportunities we offer should also be opportunities for volunteers to learn new skills, while making sure we are able to support and deliver against our key objective, to make philosophy accessible to all. Each conversation we have with a volunteer is individual and will be based upon what you would like to do and the opportunities we are able to offer.



We have projects that are varied in their requirements, and include but not limited to:


Communications, Content


  • Essential: Proven 2+ years experience in social media management, content creation, and digital marketing, preferably in a similar industry or related environment.
  • Desirable: Proficiency in WordPress CMS, SEO, and copywriting. Excellent writing, editing, and storytelling skills.

Responsibilities + Expected Outputs

  • Support the implementation of social media strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement across various platforms.
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure consistent and brand-aligned content posting and scheduling across social media platforms.
  • Assist in creating engaging content tailored to diverse audiences to foster meaningful interactions. Additionally, provide assistance in website content creation, including copywriting and editing, utilising WordPress.

Web development, Design


  • Essential: Experience in web design, UX journey planning, Figma or similar tool, and understanding of web design best practice, and accessibility guidelines.
  • Desirable: Experience and understanding of the WordPress CMS, and of designing for both mobile and desktop devices, understanding of SEO best practices.

Responsibilities + Expected Outputs

  • Contribute to mapping and identifying new user journeys, ensuring user-centric experiences.
  • Support the design and creation of new homepage and content page templates with a focus on visual appeal and usability.
  • Assist in optimising the website for different device types, ensuring seamless functionality across platforms.



  • Essential: Interest in philosophy; Competence of Microsoft Excel and Word. Proficient research and writing skills.
  • Desirable: Studying (or studied) philosophy; Excellent administration skills. Writing reports. Data analysis.

Responsibilities + Expected Outputs

  • Create data sets of mailing audiences that do not currently receive information about or from TRIP.
  • Analyse our journals for insights and trends.
  • Carrying out various ad-hoc desk research projects to help achieve the institute’s aims.



  • Essential: Interest in philosophy: Excellent team working skills: Responsible: Punctual: Confident in large groups.
  • Desirable experience: Studying (or studied) philosophy; Stewarding; Events.

Responsibilities + Expected Outputs

  • Volunteer as stewards for the TRIP Autumn/Winter series of evening Thursday London lectures (3 hours per week in London) and our special events.
  • Assist the TRIP team in setting up to ensure everything runs smoothly. 
  • Welcome, check in and assist our attendees, ensuring a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Why should you volunteer?

  • To gain practical experience of office operations and routines.
  • To gain practical experience working with partnerships and programme delivery.
  • Receive valuable insights in project management and event delivery.
  • Receive unique shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with successful professionals.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Volunteering roles are located flexibly except when stewarding or if the role requires you to visit the London office.
  2. If you are requested to travel to any location by TRIP, then reasonable travel expenses and lunch expenses will be met as per our expenses policy.
  3. You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and provide proof of identity before being accepted as a volunteer.


If you would like to volunteer, please complete the application form.