We support people in understanding powerful ideas and in using ideas to engage with and bring about changes in culture and society. breaking down barriers to participation, our work in outreach aims to promote philosophical thinking amongst traditionally under-served audiences.

Our work in prisons 

We facilitate regular discussion groups focused on traditional philosophical questions as well as matters relevant to the lives of people in prison, such as freedom, morality, hope and forgiveness.

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Support for schools 

Our mission is to create opportunities for all to discover and discuss philosophy for the good of self and society. A key part of this is our work in schools, fostering philosophical curiosity in the next generation.

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In partnership with the Scouts 

We work with the Scout Association to further philosophical understanding among younger audiences, through a range of activities including embedding critical thinking in their existing programmes.

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Online learning 

We provide a variety of free learning resources, including podcasts, articles and video resources, ranging from 15-minute masterclasses to online lectures and debates, to help enrich your philosophical understanding.

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