Local Partners Programme: Terms & Conditions of Sponsorship

Royal Institute of Philosophy Terms and Conditions for Local Partners

The following terms and conditions apply to Royal Institute of Philosophy Local Partners.

  1. Applications should be submitted to the Royal Institute of Philosophy (TRIP) up to and including the deadline date of midnight on Sunday 14th April 2024.  Submissions after this date will not be accepted.
  2. All events or other activities funded under the Local Partners scheme must be clearly identified as Royal Institute of Philosophy funded events and promoted as such. Promotion must include a link to a dedicated web page, not simply to the host organisation’s home page.
  3. Local Partners must refer to themselves as the Royal Institute of Philosophy Local Partner, not (for example) as ‘branches’ of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.
  4. The purpose of Local Partnership funding is to advance the Institute’s charitable object: the education of the public in philosophy. Local partners must therefore take care to arrange events which members of the public will find interesting and to brief speakers on the importance of making themselves understood to the non-specialist. For similar reasons, venues should be chosen with regard not only to cost but with regard to appeal and accessibility to the public. Partnerships between university philosophy departments and off-campus organisations such as theatres, galleries and cafés are especially welcome. Applicants should also ensure there are good local transport links. Local partnership funding is not intended to fund the costs of a standard departmental seminar. Please contact the Assistant to the Academic Director, a.almjbarae@royalinstitutephilosophy.org for advice or help if you have any questions.
  5. Funding is intended to cover speakers’ expenses and general administration costs, e.g. travel, accommodation and a meal for the speaker where appropriate and, if necessary, venue hire.
  6. Within a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your programme being delivered, local partners are required to send live web links, to the Royal Institute for publication and promotion on the TRIP forthcoming events webpage. If these details are not received within a minimum of four weeks prior to the commencement of the programme , grant funding may be withheld.
  7. The Institute will fund local partners up to £1,500 per year.
  8. Reporting. The Institute asks successful grant recipients for an activity report and a financial report each year which must be sent to Anisa Almjbarae at A.Almjbarae@royalinstitutephilosophy.org  at the specified time outlined in your grant award letter.    Activity and financial reporting will be shared with the Royal Institute via a dedicated link supplied by them, following your programme launch.
  9. Successful local partners will be expected to share all audio or visual material of their funded programme(s) with the Royal Institute as an integral part of their activity reporting. 
  10. The Royal Institute subscribes to the BPA/SWIP Good Practice scheme and requires all local partners to follow the general guidance given here. Organisers are also asked to consider the BPA/SWIP seminar policy suggestions, which can be found here. Local partners are also advised to follow the BPA Guidelines for Accessible Lectures.
  11. Each local partner will appoint a nominated programme manager, who will be the point of contact between the local partner and the Royal Institute. If the role changes hands, then the Royal Institute must be notified with details of the new contact in a timely fashion.
  12. If working in partnership with other organisations, these should be outlined within your grant application.
  13. It is assumed that the Royal Institute will be the main funder and so must be a consenting party to any co-funding arrangement and reserves its right to withdraw funding.
  14. If funding is granted for one year only, any funds unspent at the end of the year of award must be repaid to the Royal Institute within 4 weeks following the date of the programme delivery. 
  15. Previous funding implies no commitment for future funding. 
  16. If the Royal Institute awards funding for a multiple year grant period the grant holder may request any unspent funds to be carried over to the next year(s) of the award period.