Graduate Conference Funding: Terms & Conditions

Royal Institute of Philosophy Terms and Conditions for Graduate Conference funding.

  1. Conference funding is for speakers’ expenses, general administration and advertising costs. This includes accommodation and meals for speakers where appropriate.
  2. No applications received after midnight on the 14th April 2024 will be considered.
  3. A full budget for your conference must be emailed to in addition to completing your online application.
  4. Applications received without an accompanying budget will not be considered.
  5. The Institute’s financial commitment is limited to the agreement made in writing to successful applicants.
  6. Funds can be made available in advance or after the event, in either case on receipt of an invoice. Payments cannot be made to personal accounts. 
  7. Where funding is awarded, the Royal Institute of Philosophy must be clearly acknowledged as a funder, both in online publicity and in printed material (if any) at the conference itself.
  8. While it is assumed that financial assistance with the conference may also be sought elsewhere, the Institute must be a consenting party to any co-sponsoring arrangement and reserves its right to withdraw sponsorship.
  9. If the amount awarded to an institution in a given year is underspent, the unspent funds must be credited to the Royal Institute within 4 weeks of the event taking place. 
  10. The Institute asks for a short report on the conference 4 weeks following the date of the event. Organisers will be expected to complete an online activity form and submit this alongside a fully completed budget for the event.
  11. Conference organisers are required to follow the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme recommendations.
  12. Conference organisers are also asked to consider accessibility and the BPA has good guidance that may be useful.