Funding for school conferences

This grant programme is designed to support those wishing to deliver a philosophy conference to UK schools and sixth form colleges.

The Royal Institute Schools Conference grant programme is now open to any school or organisation in the UK wishing to deliver a conference for school students in the academic year of 2024-2025.

The grant award is up to £5,000, however, applications for smaller events are welcomed.  The grant application process will close at Midnight on Sunday 14th July.

You may wish to organise a one day event, perhaps in partnership with other schools, offering your students an opportunity to receive talks from academic philosophers or those who already deliver philosophy into schools.

You may not yet have a firm plan for structure or content of the conference. We are willing to consider ‘in principle’ proposals at this stage.

If you are not currently offering the study of philosophy within your school (formal or extra curricular), then you may choose to use this conference as the first opportunity for students to understand philosophy a little more.

The content can be wide ranging and may include formal talks, interactive sessions, breakout rooms or informal sessions designed to cover a wide variety of topics, or concentrating on one or two areas.  The design of the programme is your choice, relevant to your audiences, but the Royal Institute is here to offer advice if you want it.

If you think this type of event could be of interest but do not have the networks to invite speakers, then the Royal Institute will be happy to work with you to provide specialists who will stimulate student conversation and critical thinking.  

The conference does not have to be limited to those students studying A Level philosophy, but open to as many students as you feel would enjoy and benefit from such a day.

Please fill in the application to the left, and also please read the Terms & Conditions of Sponsorship below.

If you have a specific enquiry or want to find out more, please email


Royal Institute of Philosophy Terms and Conditions for Schools Conference funding.


  1. This funding is not to support the furtherance of learning of the A Level philosophy examination/curriculum, but is there to interest and inform all students in your 6th form cohort.
  2. Conference funding is for speakers’ expenses, general administration and advertising costs. This may include accommodation and meals for the speakers where appropriate.   
  3. Funding is not to support transatlantic flights, honorariums or gifts.
  4. Proposals submitted from schools in the private sector must demonstrate clear plans to involve students from all 6th form colleges and schools in their local area.
  5. Funds can be made available in advance or after the event.
  6. The detailed arrangements of the conference programme are entirely at the discretion of the grant applicant.
  7. Conference organisers are requested to read and consider how to implement the BPA/SWIP Good Practice recommendations.
  8. Conference organisers are also asked to consider accessibility. The BPA has guidance here which might be helpful too.
  9. The event must be known and advertised as a Royal Institute of Philosophy event. Please ensure you use the Royal Institute logo that will be provided to you.
  10. It is assumed that the Royal Institute will be the main sponsor of the conference, though it may be appropriate to look for additional financial assistance elsewhere. The Royal Institute must be a consenting party to any co-sponsoring arrangement and reserves its right to withdraw sponsorship.
  11. The Royal Institute requires the completion of an activity report following your conference. An activity report form will be provided by the Royal Institute.