Celebrating the work of David Wiggins

Our latest issue of Philosophy centres around this significant thinker in his 90th year. Find out more about the issue and how you can access the publication here.

In his ninetieth year, it is an honour and a pleasure to present this issue of Philosophy dedicated solely to the work of David Wiggins. In addition to five original essays contributed by Cheryl Misak, Ian Rumfitt, Adam Etinson, John O’Neill and Jeff Seidman, we have replies to those essays from David Wiggins, reviews of some of his classic books by Guy Longworth, Sophie Grace Chappell and Jennifer Frey, and a personal-philosophical reflection from Chris Peacocke. You can access the issue here.

In addition, we’re delighted that Cambridge University Press have made Wiggins’s contributions to both Philosophy and the Royal Institute of Philosophy supplementary volumes free to access until the end of the year.

Members of the Royal Institute of Philosophy receive Philosophy automatically. More information is available here.