In Memoriam: Michael Durrant

Michael Durrant of Cardiff University has died at the age of 84 on July 10th 2018, with his funeral in Cardiff on July 24th. He had become increasingly frail. He worked in the areas of philosophical logic, and the philosophy of religion, writing, for example, “The Logical Status of ‘God'” in 1973.

He will be remembered for his major contributions to the setting up of two learned societies, the European Society for Philosophy of Religion, and the British Society for Philosophy of Religion. He had been a stalwart supporter too of the preceding Christian Philosophers’ Group. That had met in Oxford from the 1960’s at a time when the chill winds of logical positivism made the rational discussion of philosophical issues about religion well nigh impossible. Younger scholars owe much to his encouragement in their interest in philosophical issues concerning religion and theology. The European Society has expressed particular gratitude for Michael’s role in setting up a network of philosophers of religion across Europe, and they intend to commemorate his contribution at their meeting in Prague in August 2018. He was  also a member of the Executive Committee  and Council of the Royal Institute of Philosophy and was a firm supporter of the Institute’s activities both in London and outside it.

                                                      Roger Trigg, University of Oxford