Departmental Conferences

Each year the Royal Institute of Philosophy offers sponsorship of up to £5,000 for a conference hosted by a university department of philosophy.  Philosophy departments will be able to submit proposals for conferences in 2019 and 2020 in 2018.

Since 1986, the proceedings of conferences have been published by arrangement with the Cambridge University Press as supplements to the Institute’s journal, Philosophy.

Schools Conferences

The Institute is also keen to sponsor conferences for teachers and students of philosophy in schools and sixth form colleges, and we are looking for proposals for running such events from departments of philosophy in the UK. Conferences could be aimed at teachers or at students.  While some conferences might be appropriate for both groups, we recognise that each will have its own particular needs and interests, and we will be very happy to sponsor events aimed at just one of the groups.

In line with our current policy on conferences, we would be prepared to offer up to £3,000 for a fully residential event lasting over three days.  However, we recognise that for both teachers and students in schools and colleges shorter events (within a single day, for example) might be more appropriate and easier to arrange.  For shorter events, we will be prepared to offer amounts less than £3,000, but sufficient to cover travel expenses of speakers, hire of rooms, publicity materials, and other administrative costs on receipt of relevant costings.

Departments interested in organising events for teachers and school students should write or email the secretary with a brief outline of what they are proposing to do, including speakers and topics to be covered.  In the proposal some idea of the potential audience(s) for the meeting should be given.  Either the secretary or director of the Royal Institute would be very happy to discuss ideas informally with interested parties before that date.