We are pleased to announce that the first RIP/Cardiff Annual Lecture will be given by Michael P. Lynch as part of Machines: Cardiff Philosophy of Technology Festival.

His lecture is called Fake News and the Politics of Truth, and he will speak from 7 – 8 pm on 15 May.

Full details of the festival can be found here.

You can book a place here.

Speakers include:

Alessandra Tanessini: Shares, Likes and Retweets

 Andrew Edgar: The Ethics of Video Games

Amanda Courtright-Lim: Genetics: Impact on Science and Medicine

Jon Webber: Bullshit You Can Believe In

David Mellor and Christopher Müller: Smart Phones and Atom Bombs: Philosophical Imagination as a Corrective Force

Huw Williams: Automation, Work and Basic Income

Liz Irvine: Playing video games? No, I’m doing philosophy

James Redshaw: The Ethics of Technological Enhancement

Mike DD Johnston and Tyler Keevil: Technology in Narratives

Jennifer Corns and Richard Gray: Artificial Consciousness

Orestis Palermos: Technological Singularity: Heaven or Hell?