Crash course in philosophy at the Idler

Philosophy in 12 Key Steps at The Idler Academy

with Dr Mark Vernon
Monday 27th January to Monday 7th April
A twelve week crash course in philosophy, ancient and modern, western and eastern, examining key thinkers and key texts.
‘I never spent Sunday afternoons looking forward to Monday until I joined this course!’
1. Before Socrates: the birth of Western thought
2. Plato and Aristotle: the disciples of Socrates
3. Stoicism and Epicureanism: ancient philosophy’s success stories
4. Immanuel Kant, politics and the Enlightenment
5. Karl Popper and the philosophy of science
6. Friedrich Nietzsche and philosophies of the self
7. Eastern philosophy today: Indian idealism and Buddhism
8. Eastern philosophy today: Confucianism and Taoism
9. Medieval philosophy today: Plotinus and Thomas Aquinas,
10-12. Going deeper with a key text: Plato’s Symposium, Descartes’ Meditations, James’ Varieties of Religious Experience.
Sign up for all 12 weeks – £300 (2 weeks free), 6 weeks £150 (1 week free) or individual evenings – £30 an evening.